Generate attractive, tax efficient returns individually tailored to your clients’ risk tolerance and lifestyle.


Expertly insulate your clients’ assets and preserve capital with wealth preserving insurance techniques exclusively available to high net worth individuals.

Create a Legacy

Architect highly individualized legacy designs to accomplish your clients’ multigenerational and philanthropic wealth transfer goals while controlling cost, risk and tax exposure.



Business Succession Planning

Protect and enhance the value your clients have created by availing substantial liquidity when they need it most.  Help them recruit, retain and reward top talent through tax advantaged deferred compensation plans and executive bonus arrangements.


Legacy & Charitable Planning

Solidify and achieve your clients’ plans for the future with highly trusted teams of attorneys and accountants that specialize in maximizing dependable income streams, tax efficiency and charitable impact.

Premium Financing

Optimize your clients’ internal rate of return on cash flows by capitalizing on the positive arbitrage between competitive lending rates and your clients’ anticipated appreciation on other assets.  Allow banks to pay for your clients’ legacy, liquidity and tax advantaged wealth accumulation plans.

Capital Gains Tax Deferral

Avail considerable liquidity today by granting your clients the opportunity to defer capital gains taxes incurred upon the sale of any highly appreciated asset, such as their business, commercial real estate, artwork or stock, for up to 30 years.  This codified deferral is a welcomed alternative to paying exorbitant amounts of taxes upon the sale of low cost basis assets or utilizing an exchange transaction, such as a 1031.

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Our Story

LAAM Private Client Group was established to meet the specialized requirements of advisors to discerning high-net-worth individuals. Through collaborative agreements with top-ranked legal firms, respected accountants and select lenders, your clients can successfully generate a tax-free lifetime retirement income.

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Our team of experts leverages decades of deep experience and financial expertise to present comprehensive personal and business solutions for tax-advantaged low-risk wealth preservation, growth and succession.

As a premier advanced planning firm, we collaborate closely with you and your clients to facilitate a seamless end-to-end process. This begins with a thorough assessment of your clients’ individual personal or business situations and desired outcomes. We then coordinate the sale with the attorney, the client’s CPA and other advisors, including designing risk transfer and mitigation techniques. The experience for you, and ultimately for your client, is one of engagement with an organization that offers stability, transparency, and rigorous risk management.

Implementing a customized client-focused approach, our team designs the strategy in line with your client’s financial goals and risk tolerance. Our premium financing process allows individuals, families, and business owners to secure significant life insurance coverage while preserving assets for additional investment opportunities.

We are a privately held company, which means we are not subject to shareholder involvement. LAAM Private Client Group is unwavering in our commitment to integrity, quality, and innovation. Our mission is to provide elite concierge service to you so that you can present your clients with innovative strategies ideally designed to actualize their financial goals.

Our Team

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